Numerous Residents of Oregon Will Receive $600 Stimulus Checks in the Mail


House Democrats in Oregon advanced a bill this Monday providing a one-time $600 stimulus check to low-income households with family members who worked during the pandemic’s first year. According to KOIN in Portland, Oregon, the proposal passed both the House and Senate with ease.

According to KOIN, eligible Oregon residents will not be needed to apply for the cash. They can anticipate receiving a check or direct deposit as early as June.

“Low-wage workers are important to our economy and are also the most vulnerable to growing expenses of basic needs,” said Sen. Kathleen Taylor (D-Portland), chair of the Senate Committee on Labor and Business.

“Cash payments make a significant difference in the lives of working individuals and families. They can assist in paying a power bill, purchasing critical medication, or purchasing necessities such as diapers and groceries. Cash contributions also alleviate tension, providing families with some assistance in overcoming problems in their daily lives. House Bill 4157 provides an opportunity to demonstrate our support for low-wage people who show up to do the jobs that sustain our economy,” she stated.

Combating Rising Costs of Living

State Rep. Andrea Valderrama (D-Portland), the bill’s principal supporter, emphasized that the $600 direct payment will assist in addressing growing living expenses such as child care, rent, groceries, and medicines.

“Right now, many Oregonians, like myself, are trying to make ends meet as the cost of living continues to rise,” Valderrama said in a statement.

“These payments may make a significant difference for low-income individuals and working families: they can assist with paying utility bills, purchasing critical medication, or purchasing staples like as diapers and groceries,” she noted.

State Rep. Rachel Prusak (D-West Linn) discussed the widening wealth divide that has occurred since the pandemic began. “This means that growing costs will disproportionately affect our lowest-paid workers,” she stated in a statement. “Through this law, we are reaching out to working families and individuals whose hard work is critical to our economy’s success.”

The additional States Intervene

With the approval of House Bill 4157, Oregon joined several other states in authorizing their own stimulus cheques or tax refunds for people.

The final batch of $1,100 Golden State Stimulus checks has been distributed to eligible residents in California. However, there is already speculation that additional stimulus checks will be granted in the coming months as a result of the enormous surplus.

According to KTLA, Gov. Gavin Newsom stated during a press conference that “we anticipate an extra rebate to taxpayers in the May revised language when I update the budget.”

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