Alabama to Provide $4.7 Million in Rental Assistance


When the COVID-19 epidemic first began, millions of jobs were lost within weeks, increasing the national unemployment rate to an all-time high. To avert a significant homelessness crisis, the state established an eviction limitation prohibiting landlords from evicting individuals only for nonpayment of rent.

Although the federal ban on evictions was scheduled to expire in the summer of 2021, some communities and states elected to extend their protections beyond that period. However, such measures, like landlords’ patience, are wearing thin. While some landowners could place their loans into forbearance and defer payments for a period of time, this did not help them meet their commitments in the absence of rental money.

Landlords’ Stimulus Check

Meanwhile, the Emergency Rental Assistance Program got an estimated $46.5 billion in financing during the course of the last two stimulus checks. The program’s objective was to assist households in paying rent in order to avoid eviction, and most of that assistance has already been provided. On the other hand, many renters are still waiting for their rent reduction applications to be approved. For one main reason, even those who get rent assistance face eviction or homelessness.

The Huntsville City Council allocated $6 million in Stimulus Check funding for rent assistance last year, but the funds have already been drained. This year’s $4.7 million allocations will be prioritized for people facing eviction. Additionally, he added that those with a family income of 50% or less of the federal poverty threshold, as well as those with unemployed single household members, should be eligible for a portion of the cash.

Last year, the Huntsville City Council allocated $6 million in rent assistance funds, but those monies have already been spent. A total of $4.7 million will be distributed to individuals on the verge of eviction. Additionally, he noted that individuals with a family income of less than 50% of the poverty threshold, as well as those with unemployed family members, will be eligible for the stimulus check.


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