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Will Persons on Social Security Receive Additional Payout as a Result of the Stimulus?

A petition calling for a fourth stimulus payment for Social Security recipients is still gaining pace as we approach 2022.

The petition asks Congress to deliver another $1,400 check to Social Security recipients on a fixed income.

A letter was sent to the government explaining how the 5.9% COLA raise was insufficient after inflation.

Fourth Stimulus Check: Will There Be a Fourth Stimulus Check?

According to the Sun, the increase not only did not help with inflation, but it also put many people over their income restrictions for services like Medicare.

A petition on with over 3 million signatures is also attempting to persuade Congress to send another check.

This one asks for $2,000 for adults and $1,000 for children for the rest of the pandemic.

70,000 Checks Totaling $1,200 Are Being Issued.

Will There Be a Fourth Stimulus Check?

It does not appear to be the case.

The Build Back Better bill has provisions to assist the elderly, but none of them include a stimulus check.

The bill was supposed to be passed by the end of 2021, however, it has yet to do so in 2022.

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