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Jennifer “Jenn” Grijalva is a Real World: Denver contestant who is currently competing in the show. She was a finalist on several television shows, including The Island, Fresh Meat II, Cutthroat, and Rivals. She has also competed on The Inferno 3 and The Duel II, among other shows.

Jenn had always been a popular girl and a party animal, but the partying in Denver had gotten a little out of hand even for her. After a particularly intense screaming match with Tyrie, she decided to dial back the partying a notch.

Despite the fact that she claimed she had no sexual attraction to Alex, the two have been seen together on more than one occasion. They weren’t in a relationship; rather, they were “drunk-birds.”

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Whatever kind of birds they were, their hooking up was bound to cause some friction with Colie, who had staked a claim to him from the very first night she had been in the house with her family. When will The Inferno 3 premiere, will there be a new Denver love triangle?

After taking far too long to complete the “Pile Up” and “Re-creation Campsite” checkpoints on day 1 of the final challenge, Jenn and Mandi were disqualified from the competition. When the sun went down, the producers informed Jenn and Mandi that attempting to reach the “Final Feast” checkpoint in the dark would be too dangerous.

Jenn The Challenge Trivia

  • Jenn and Mandi Moyer are the only contestants who have been disqualified from participating in a Final Challenge so far.
  • Jenn holds the record for the most appearances in a Final Challenge by a female contestant without winning, having made four appearances in total.
  • Among the contestants who have competed in at least one Final Challenge without winning a daily challenge or an elimination are Jenn, Cheyenne, Devin, Kenny, Nelson, and Robin, who are the only ones who have done so without winning a daily challenge or an elimination.

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