Facebook Launches Its Newsletter Product ‘Bulletin’, It’s Substack Rival

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has launched its newsletter product ‘Bulletin’ on Tuesday. It is a standalone platform for free and paid articles and podcasts that will aim to rival substack – an online platform to publish newsletters. CEO has also announced that it would not take the cut from revenue of Bulletin creators and also announced that the platform is live at and they have also introduced that the company has recruited some of the writers in a live audio room.

Know All The Details About Facebook’s Newsletter Product ‘Bulletin’, It’s Substack Rival

Facebook has come up with something new by introducing this newsletter platform ‘Bulletin’. This platform will directly compete with the another newsletter platform ‘Substack’. Facebook Bulletin is a separate website that will enable creators to get audience to read their articles. This is a website that is not dependent on Facebook. Branding on Bulletin publications will be creator-first and readers will not have to log into their facebook accounts to read the article.

Over the past year, a lot of journalists and writers left their jobs to do something of their own, so this is the best platform for them where they can publish their own articles and earn money and Bulletin articles, newsletters and podcasts can be found on individual creator publication pages, your Facebook News Feed and within the News section of Facebook.

This is a platform where the readers can have access to free as well as paid articles and if you want to access the paid articles, then your payment will be securely processed using Facebook Pay and the best part is that facebook will not ask for cuts from the revenue of creators and they can choose their own pricing for subscription. But, if you don’t want to go for paid articles, then also you need not to be disappointed as you will get a lot of free articles also in the website to read.

“We built Bulletin on a separate website to enable creators to grow their audience in ways that are not exclusively dependent on the Facebook platform,” CEO said.

The CEO also announced that the website was primarily launching with US creators and at this time it is not accepting new entries. But they have also said that Bulletin site was available worldwide and it would look to add more international names after the beta test.

There are other tech companies also which are competing in the same field including Twitter Inc., which acquired newsletter platform ‘Revue’-An Editorial Newsletter Tool For Writers And Publishers.

So this was all about the latest launched ‘Bulletin’ website by Facebook. For more such stuff, stay connected with the website.

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