Hyundai Mobis Unveils Its New Lighting And Moving Grille Technology

The company Hyundai has recently unveiled that they have developed a new lighting and moving grille technology for their automobiles that will allow the drivers to use front grille of their cars as LED lighting devices. Company has revealed that they have plans of putting new technology into production from the year 2022.

Everything You Should Know About Hyundai Mobis New Lighting And Moving Grille Technology

Hyundai Mobis which is the auto parts specialist arm of the Hyundai Group has said that this new technology is the result of its R&D efforts in response to mega-trends of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. The the company is switching into manufacturing electric vehicles, so this new technology will allow the drivers of the car to use the entire front grille of the car as a lighting device instead of an engine cooling vent.

Best part of this upcoming technology is that it can also be used to communicate with other vehicles and pedestrians like the grille can run on various modes like self-driving mode and EV charging mode. Also it is capable of giving a welcoming and warning sign to the vehicles or pedestrians who gets too close to the vehicle. It can even display sound beats.

This lighting technology is yet to be mass produced on a global level. The company is currently testing the technology so that they can easily put it into production from next year. The company also revealed its latest technology ‘grille integral active air flap’, now talking about this technology, so it allow to move the grille as per the temperature of the coolant and allows inflow of the outside air to keep the engine and motor cool. If the grille will sense that the temperature of the coolant is high, so it will automatically open the flap and will help the engine to reduce air resistance, and will improve fuel efficiency and reduce exhaust gas.

So, this was all about the upcoming technology of Hyundai Mobis. For more recent updates, stay connected with the page.


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