Plant Based, Cellular Agriculture Products To Replace 50% Of Meat In 10 Years Says Jim Mellon

Jim Mellon, who is a British businessman and philanthropist says that within the coming decade, food production industry will transform in such a manner that 50% of the meat that is eaten by human will either be plant based or cellular agriculture. Even the sea food that humans consume will be based on cell aquaculture. Some say plant-based meats, and that manufactured using the cell culture technique, copy the feel and taste of real meat while being healthier as they contain low saturated fat and calories.

According To Jim Mellon, 50% Of The Meat Will Be Replaced With Plant-Based, Cellular Agriculture Products

The high carbon footprint of meat has made the experts to think about the less consumption of animal meat and rather depend on plant based or cellular agriculture products. This will also help in saving the environment. Jim Mellon, the billionaire has said that within the coming decade, the dairy industry will not be the same that we know as of now. There will be a drastic change seen in this industry specially with the production of meat.

The philanthropist has also said that the biotech industry is looking at “griddle parity” so that the price of food produced by this industry is cheaper and is similar to traditionally farmed foods because we cannot ask people to pay large amount of money for the food that is consumed daily.

Mellon says that the biotech industry is currently evolving its processes and it will bring down the prices of plant based or cellular agriculture products. He says, “So we are on the cusp. We are in the very early stage…of an industry that’s going to completely blow away. He says that we are going to witness a complete overhaul in the consumption of meat as 50% of this consumption is going to be either plant based or cell agriculture based, and for sea food, more than half of seafood will be produced by cell aquaculture. “In terms of meat, I’m going to make the prediction, which is not an absurd prediction, ” says the billionaire.

According to the United Nations Environment Agency, meat consumption is one of the biggest threat to the environment as it equally contributes to greenhouse gases and if we are not going to be serious about this matter now, then we will have to pay the prices for it.

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