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Bitcoin Price Slips Today, Ether And Binance In Red : Cryptocurrency Prices Today

Bitcoin on Thursday, June 17, 2021 saw a decline in its price. The cryptocurrency that was trading at $40,203.36 on Wednesday, today it is trading at $38,623.52 with a decline of 3.47%. Not only Bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies also saw the same downtrend. Crypto investors now have become more cautious as this market is very unpredictable. Led by Bitcoin and Ethereum, all the ten cryptocurrencies are seeing this downfall.

Top Cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Polkadot, Ethereum And Many Others Slip Up To 4%

Bitcoin was trading lower at INR 29,78,036, down by 3.06% today and this downfall in this cryptocurrency has impacted the price movement of other cryptocurrencies also with some of them trading in red. The cryptocurrency exchange in India, CoinSwitch Kuber, provided the information that overall global market dealing in Crypto is down by 2.20% on Thursday.

Taking to their Twitter Account, CoinSwitch Kuber has tweeted –

Ethereum, which is among the topmost cryptocurrencies is trading at $2439.02 down by 3.26% followed by XRP which is down by 0.98%, Cardano which is down by 2.14% and the same trend is followed by others too. After these wild price swings, crypto market has become completely skeptical and have dented the sentiments of many investors.

Edul Patel, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Mudrex- A Global Crypto Trading Platform says, “Interesting buildup is observed across the crypto sphere. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major Alts are slowly moving out of consolidation.”

A statement came from ZebPay Trade Desk saying, “More often than not, BTC’s bullish stance is not in tandem with most altcoins, in a larger more general sense. This has become a rather common occurrence, and a pattern has started to emerge to some extent. Altcoins will tend to pull back during a BTC rally, and after BTC stabilizes, an altcoin uptrend starts, and gradually gains momentum.”

Today’s Crypto Chart Showing Present Value And Down Fall Percentage Of Top 10 Cryptocurrencies


Value (Thursday, 17 June 2021)

Down By

Bitcoin $39,320.48 1.83%
Ethereum $2,440.39 3.04%
Tether $0.999994 0.03%
Binance Coin $354.36 4.28%
Cardano $1.53 1.88%
Dogecoin $0.310985 2.02%
XRP $0.856496 0.94%
USD Coin $0.999853 0.04%
Polkadot $23.75 1.17%
Uniswap $22.72 0.85%

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