Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Android Has 47 Times More Malware Than iOS, Apple’s Focus On Security

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook in a viva press conference touched upon the topic ‘Apple’s Security’. He said that Android has more Malwares than iOS and this is because there is no sideloading in iOS as sideloading mobile apps are not in the best interest of the users. The CEO was interviewed by Guilluame Lacroix, the CEO and Founder of Brut.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Android Has 47 Times More Malware Than iOS, Sideloading Will Destroy iPhone Security : Everything You Should Know

In an interview yesterday, which is touted as Europe’s biggest startup and tech event, Tim Cook touched upon several toics like right for privacy about which the company is really serious for, as well as for future of Augmented Reality (AR), AI, and comparison between iOS and Android that how iOS is better than Android.

During this 30-minutes interview, Cook spoke on many issues ranging from how the new proposed EU big tech rule is a threat for iPhone security. When asked about iPhone 30, Cook said that it is going to be much better than iPhone 12. He also talked about the company’s efforts on the donation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Centre of the interview was security, replying to which Cook said that the company is focused on security issues for more than a decade. Talking about security, he also put some light on ‘GAFA’ – Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon’ together. He said that he don’t like this acronym ‘GAFA’ as it conveys a message that all these companies follows a monolithic approach in terms of business model.

Watch Live Interview Of Tim Cook With Brut CEO

Taking about sideloading of apps, he said, “The current Digital Services Act language that is being discussed would force sideloading on the iPhone. This would be an alternate way of getting apps onto the iPhone. As we look at that, that would destroy the security of the iPhone and a lot of the privacy initiatives that we’ve built into the App Store, where we have privacy nutrition labels and App Tracking Transparency that forces people to get permission to track across apps.”

He also talked about a lot of things that are coming in future like AR and AI saying, “I’m a great believer in the power of technology to help people. We approach the future with great humility because we know we can’t predict it. I’m not one of those people that can say I can see 20 years out or 30 years out and tell you what is going to happen. I really don’t believe anyone can. We approach it with great humility. I get excited about AR because I see it as technology that can enhance life in a broad way. We’ve been working on AR first with our iPhones and iPads, and later we’ll see where that goes in terms of our products. The key thing is that it can enrich people’s lives”.

Adding to the previous statement, he also said “I get excited about AI and the ability to remove some of the things that keep people down and do work and free up leisure time for people.”

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