Samsung Galaxy Virtual Assistant ‘Sam’, Gender, Age, Release Date

The name Sam ‘Samantha’ is getting viral among Samsung users and all of them are curiously waiting for this update. The character ‘Sam’ is shown as an attractive girl with bright eyes and a perky woman who loves to stuff tunes in her Samsung mobile phone. She searches and install apps and also chat with friends. For knowing more details, read this article till the end.

Samsung Get A Virtual Assistant ‘Sam’ Samantha, Know Every Detail

The internet is filled with the news and photos of Samsung new virtual character ‘Sam’. Every Samsung user is searching the internet and getting amazed by the beauty this new virtual character has been given. The most interesting fact about this character is that unlike Bixby (Samsung’s previous virtual assistant), this new update is a 3D character.

This new character is being designed so that it could make the lives of Samsung users much easier and the interesting fact is that it is the first 3D virtual assistant. Before this, Samsung launched a virtual assistant ‘Bixby’ which was a 2D model.

Who Created This Artificial Character ‘Sam’ Samantha

This beautiful virtual assistant ‘Sam’ Samantha has been created under the collaboration of Samsung and Light farm Company which is known for producing visual arts and has won the LIA Grand Prix award.

This virtual assistant is currently under development phase and will be launched very soon. Rumors are there that this upcoming character will replace the previous 2D version ‘Bixby’, but the company has made it quite clear that they have no such intention of replacing ‘Bixby’, as the Artificial Intelligence ​​is going to be used as a chatbot for Samsung’s service team and they have also stated that depending on the location of the user, they will change the appearance of ‘Sam’ Samantha as it was stated in the official promotion of the Samsung customer service.

How To Use Samsung Galaxy’s Virtual Assistant

As ‘Sam’ Samantha is not launched yet, so till then let us help you knowing how to use Virtual Assistant ‘Bixby’. Follow the steps :

  • Go to ‘Settings’ in your mobile phone
  • Now, tap on the ‘Advanced Features’ under settings
  • Now, tap on ‘Bixby Key’
  • If you haven’t set up ‘Bixby’ till now, then click on ‘Get Started’
  • Now choose whether you want to choose ‘Bixby’ with a single or a double tap on Bixby key

Some reports claim that ‘Sam’ Samantha is not a virtual assistant for Samsung and is a part of a rejected project. Though the company ‘Lightfarm Studios’ created pictures for Samsung, but it still can’t be said whether ‘Sam’ will be launched or not. But we hope for this amazing artificial intelligence to launch soon. Till we get a final confirmation from the company, stay in touch.

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