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Mare Of Easttown Season 2 : Will Kate Winslet Return For Another Season? All You Need To Know

Mare Of Easttown aired its last episode on last sunday i.e., on May 30, 2021. It is a mini web series of HBO and is starring Kate Winslet in lead role. She is playing the role of a detective in the web series. It has in total seven episodes so far and in its last episode they have answered almost all the questions leaving no suspense for any further.

Will Mare Of Easttown Renew For Season 2?

The story began with the murder of Erin and in all the seven episodes you will find Kate Winslet playing the role of a detective ‘Mare Sheehan’ involved in solving the mystery behind Erin’s murder and Katie’s disappearance. In the last episode, she answered all the questions that Erin’s uncle ‘John’ fathered Erin’s baby after having an affair with her and Erin was killed by her uncle’s son ‘Ryan’, as he was scaring her to stay away from his father ‘John’. Even Katie who was disappeared was rescued by ‘Mare’ in the finale.

Now, it is a very tough question to answer whether it will renew for more or not. Though it was a mini series and ended on a very good note, answering all the questions of fans, so it is almost impossible to tell whether this series will be renewed with more such interesting cases.

Director of this mini series ‘Craig Zobel’ confirmed that, though it was a mini series but he will not oppose doing more seasons if Mare Sheehan’s role is again played by Kate Winslet. He said “I think that if enough fans are excited about it, I certainly am fascinated by Mare Sheehan, and it would be good if we could see her more”.

In an interview, Kate Winslet said, “I would absolutely love to play Mare again”. In addition to describing her character, she said, “I miss her. I really do. It’s the strangest thing. I feel like I’m in mourning. It was an absolutely wonderful role… There’s something very addictive about Mare, because she’s so outrageous and lovable and brilliant and real, you know? I loved playing her.” Officially, HBO still calls it a miniseries and it has ended well leaving no loops, so there is no hope for its renewal.

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