Rizzle Introduced Bollywood-Level Videos With Its New Features Called Filmi

We all are well aware of the app ‘Rizzle’, a place to to create your own short series. This app is easily available at play store for download and helps you host your own show! Vlog, talk sports, create a scripted series, do makeup prank, prank your partner or try that standup. With Rizzle, you can do them all.

Rizzle Introduced Its New Feature ‘Filmi’ – Try It Out

In an industry where there is scarcity of innovative ideas, Rizzle, India’s No. 1 Series App came up with an amazing new feature called ‘Filmi’. Filmi allows you to transform a simple video into a stunning one and it is all possible because of the AI and ML based special effects that the app is having. This amazing update in the app has made the work of creators simpler, as the time that was earlier invested in editing, now the creators can make productive use of it. You just need to touch a button and with the help of this amazing feature, your everyday short video will get a magical makeover which will look as if it has come straight out of a bollywood movie.

Sapna Patel who is the Director of Rizzle, India’s No. 1 short series app states “Rizzle is re-leveling the video playing field for creators with ‘Filmi’. Our team wants to empower all creators with AI & ML-powered tools to create magical videos. Our goal is to create the next 10 million young and energetic superstar creators to become viral sensations with their Bollywood quality Filmi. We aim to make short videos magical again!”

Rizzle creators has tried this new feature ‘Filmi’ on the beta version of the app and the results that the feature gave were mind blowing. This feature ‘Filmi’ has now shifted the focus of the creators from editing to the main content. Now they don’t worry about video editing, they only look at that the content that they are providing should be appropriate and up to the expectations of the viewers.

Taking to their official twitter account, Rizzle India, they tweeted

The team behind the app ‘Rizzle’ is always full of confidence and keep on working hard for the creators in the app. They always try to introduce some features that will be loved by the creators. Last month, they launched features like template and rimix which became very popular among the creators. The makers of the app always try to provide creators with something that could help them in gaining audience. Like Filmi, we are waiting for more surprises from the makers.

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