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PUBG Mobile India Launch : Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date Leaked

We have seen craze of PUBG among youngsters and now its time when its new version will be released within a few days. Fans are eagerly waiting of the launch are have started registering on the app which is available at play store.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Release Date Leaked Again And It is Not June 10, 2021

Millions of Indian fans are waiting for the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, which is the new version of PUBG Mobile India, the release date of upcoming game has been leaked once again. PUBG was last year banned by Indian Government under privacy concerns. After the app was removed on September 4, 2020 from play store, fans of PUBG were very disappointed but now after hearing the news that new version of their favorite game is to be released, so they must be very excited to know that when it will finally release.

Pre-Registration for the game is available. Along with this pre-registration you will get four rewards – The Recon Mask, The Recon Outfit, Celebration Expert Title and 300 AG, but it will be available only to those who will pre-register them for this battle royale game.

How To Pre-Register For Battlegrounds Mobile India

Follow these simple steps:

  • Go to play store
  • Search for ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’
  • Now click on it and page will load on your screens
  • Click on the link ‘Pre-register’
  • Click on ‘Install when available’
  • Now Automatic Install is ‘ON’ in your device
  • Now it will automatically download when available

Taking to his twitter handle, Abhijeet Andhare, who is a esports athlete @TSM and known among the gamers as ‘Ghatak’, has tweeted “BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA Third week of June”

His tweet has somewhat pointed towards that Battlegrounds Mobile India will happen in the third week of June 2021. So, it is a possibility that Krafton could launch the game between June 13 2021 to June 19 2021. Ghatak, a coach for Team Solomid (TSM) also owns a YouTube channel where he promotes esports.

Fans must be very happy to know that Battlegrounds Mobile India is a free-to-play battle royale game and will be available only for the gamers in India. Since the announcements, fans are confused if they will be able to access their old PUBG accounts or not.

A Video Clip Where Ghatak Is Explaining All About New Accounts, Old Accounts And International Tournaments

According to a report, gamers under the age group of 18 years will be allotted a maximum of three hours per day to play the game as per the privacy policy. While the maximum spending limit in the game has been restricted down to Rs 7,000 per day by Krafton Inc. Also the game will have new oufits and features.

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