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Parasyte Season 2 Release Date, New Cast – More Information You have To Check Now

It has been six years years now and still there is no update on the Season 2 of this amazing Japanese sci-fi horror series ‘Parasyte : The Maxim’. This Japanese anime is the remake of the manga of the same name which is written by Hitoshi Iwaaki and has won ‘Best Manga Award’ in the year 1996. Till date this manga has sold more than 11 million copies and the number is still increasing.

Is Parasyte : The Maxim Returning With Season 2?

Madhouse in the year 2014 announced that they are coming with a brand new anime ‘Parasyte : The Maxim”. The Japanese anime which is known for being extremely brutal with its portrayal of a war between humans and the extra-terrestrial was aired on October 09, 2014 and its last episode was tele-casted on March 26, 2015. Since then, fans are waiting that the makers will announce the new season of the show but since 2015 when its last episode was premiered, fans wait every year for the release of ‘Parasyte Season 2’ but all they end up with is disappointment.

24 episodes have been released so far from the Season 1 of the anime which has something in it but it keeps the fans captivated throughout its run time. Still if any of is there who haven’t watched this anime that has some gruesome charm, so you can stream it in Netflix.

Madhouse Studios is somewhat notorious when it comes to releasing new seasons of the existing anime. As it is in Netflix now, so whoever wants to recall their old memories or whho haven’t watched it till now but are excited to watch it may subscribe to Netflix and can stream the first season of Parasyte : The Maxim. It is possible that if the number of viewers will increase there, so makers could think of releasing the Season 2 of Parasyte.

A Short Clip From Parasyte : The Maxim Season 1

‘Parasyte : The Maxim’ is a Japanese anime which centers around a teenage boy named Izumi Shinichi who was living a very simple and peaceful life. He lives in a very safe places and avoids getting into any kind of trouble. But his normal peaceful life completely changed one day, when parasitic aliens start taking over the world. In their physical state, these parasites are completely harmless and have a tiny worm-like appearance. However, these parasites can be very harmful once they manage to enter one’s brain through their nose or ears. Now what happens, what Izumi Shinichi does to save the world is a suspense that will be over once you start watching it from the very beginning.

Cast Of Parasyte : The Maxim Season 2

Since there are no official updates on Parasyte : The Maxim Season 2, so we are expecting that whenever it releases it will definitely have some of the casts namely – Izumi Shinichi, Satomi Murano, Migi, Raiko Tamiya, Hideo Shimada, Kuramori, Mickey.

If Season 2 gets released then we are hoping that it will release somewhere at the end of 2021 or beginning of 2022. But let’s not make more assumptions and wait for an official announcement to get a clear picture.