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South Park Season 24 Episode 1 Released : The Covid-19 Special First Episode

South park an animation series is one of those premiering since 1997. Till date the anime has launched 24 Season with 308 episodes in total. The animation series is loved so much among the audience that even pandemic could not stop it from launching another season. Comedy Central in an interview announced that another Season of the animated series ‘South Park’ will launch on September 30, 2020.

South Park “The Pandemic Special” Is Released

A one hour special episode titled South Park “The Pandemic Special” was aired on September 30, 2020. Since the announcement was made and the trailer released of the same, fans were eagerly waiting for September 30, 2020 so that they could watch that amazing animated series once again.

Even the pandemic could not affect the dedication of the makers towards the animated series and their this positive approach towards their work made them release the one hour special episode on Covid-19.

South Park, an emmy award winning animated series is the story of four boys (Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny) living in a screwed up Colorado town. Between all those tragedies ‘local or global’ and parental and celebrity interference, all the four boys manage to have themselves a time.

Official Trailer Of South Park ‘The Pandemic Special’

Official teaser of the animated series launched on September 16, 2020 and won the heart of millions of audience.

What Is The Plot Of South Park ‘The Pandemic Special’?

The Pandemic Special episode of the long running American animated series ‘South Park’ premiered on Central Comedy in the United StatesIt was also aired on MTV and MTV 2. The story shows that the world is suffering because of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and this fourth grader Butters Stotch is upset with his parents because they are not allowing him to visit Build-A-Bear Workshop (in United States). His father, Stephen Stotch, is criticizing improper wearing of protective face masks, branding them as chin diapers, when he is distracted by a crowd assembling for a live show staged by Randy Marsh, who announces a “pandemic special” on marijuana sold by his Tegridy Farms. Randy’s wife, Sharon, berates him for seeking to profit from the pandemic. To know more you will have to watch full episode on MTV or Comedy Central.

“The Pandemic Special” episode was really appreciated among the audience and was able to fetch attention of 2.3 million viewers on Comedy Central and a total of 4.05 million viewers on MTV and MTV 2 and became the highest rated series of South Park.

Let us tell our readers that it was a special episode and not a part of Season 24. If we talk about the 24th Season of the show, so it will premier soon but dates are yet not confired.

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