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Kala Tovino Thomas Full movie Available For Download On Amazon Prime Video

Kala Full Movie Download : Kala is a Malayalam thriller movie released on March 25, 2021. The movie is written and directed by Rohith V S and has got really good ratings and is appreciated by the critics a lot. A Juvis Productions film is now available for download on OTT platform Amazon Prime Video.

Kala is a movie in which a lot of violence is shown and the film-makers have been unapologetic about showing such level of violence on screen nor did they reduced the level of violence shown in the movie. It is a malayalam movie which revolves around a man Shaji (played by Tovino Thomas). The first trailer of the movie ‘Kala’ was released officially on January 21, 2021.

Download Tovino Thomas’s Kala On Amazon Prime Video

Kala, a Malayalam movie was released in the last week of March 2021, on in the Kerala state. Yesterday, on his twitter account, Thomas tweeted that “Kala streaming soon on Amazon Prime (Malayalam & Tamil). So, all the viewers who were eagerly waiting for the movie to be released on Amazon Prime Videos can now easily access the movie as it it available for download on the platform.

A psychological thriller movie ‘Kala’ has been finally released on the OTT platform ‘Amazon Prime Video’ and it is a 126 minutes movie. currently it is available only in Malayalam language with english subtitles but soon be available in Tamil version also. All the Amazon Prime Video subscribers who are well versed with Malayalam language can now watch it.

Plot Of The Story ‘Kala’

The lead actor of the movie Shaji (played by Tovino Thomas) lived a simple family life. He had a dog named ‘Bazigar’ and both of them used to share a very special bond. But, a sudden turn of events brings out the flip side of him. The narration moves from how a human who loved animals so much became brutal towards animals and humans equally. It challenges the viewer to think and reflect on what is good and what is evil as the lead role of the movie faces an intriguing conflict with the many layered shades of human nature. Now what happens after he turned into an evil is a suspense and for this you will have to watch full movie on Amazon Prime Video.

Cast Of The Movie ‘Kala’

The movie ‘Kala’ is starring Tovino Thomas as Shaji, Sumesh Moor as Moor, and Lal as Ravi in lead roles and Divya Pilla as Vidhya, Pramod Veliyanad as Mani, Bibin Perumbilli as Ani, Sreejith Ravi, MGK Vishnu as Maanu in supporting roles.

The lead actor Tovino Thomas even got hurt during the shooting of the movie. The injury was so severe that he was even hospitalized for a week with two days treatment at ICU. But he made a quick recovery even after getting badly injured and joined the team to complete his project ‘Kala’.


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