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Runaway Lugai Season 1 Review And Rating Of MX Player Original Series

Runaway Lugai Season 1 : MX Player is back with yet another amazing web series Runaway Lugai (the word ‘Lugai’ is used for the bride). Season 1 of this series ‘Runaway Lugai’ aired on OTT Platform MX Player on 18 May 2021. Genre of this web series is comedy and drama. The series is created by Avinash Das and has a total of 10 episodes in its season 1.

The web series streamed on MX Player on May 18, 2021 and audience can stream it for free. You just need to install the app ‘MX Player’ on your device. The web series is a Bihar based story and was shot there only.

Plot Of The Web Series ‘Runaway Lugai’

The story revolves around Rajnikant (Rajni) and Bulbul. Rajni is the only son of the MLA Narendra Sinha and himself is a judge in District Court Of Bhagalpur. Rajni is a very humble man and has spent his entire life under his father’s thumb as a pawn. He was never able to live to his father’s expectations. His life took a beautiful turn when he met a beautiful, free-spirited and chirpy girl Bulbul. Both of them later got married. However, Rajni’s happiness did not last for long as his father Narendra Sinha, who was struggling to get an election ticket from Patna, exploits his (Rajni) position and therefore, Bulbul took this bold decision of escaping from that house. After her escape, everyone begins with the chase to find the missing Bulbul. Now to find out what all were the reasons that made her escape from the house, you need to watch the complete web series ‘Runaway Lugai’.

Cast Of The Web Series ‘Runaway Lugai’

The web series is starring Naveen Kasturia as Rajni and Ruhii Singh as Bulbul in the lead roles. Others casts of the series are Sanjay Mishra, Chitranjan Tripathy, Pankaj Jha, Arya Babbar, Ravi Kishan and many more.

Review And Rating Of The Web Series ‘Runaway Lugai’

Now talking about the reviews of the show, so it is not earning much praise from the audience. The script writing according to the audience is not up to the mark and there was also not offering anything special. Now, why the names of director and writer of the show are missing can only be known after watching this show.

Performance By The Casts Of The Web Series

So, if we talk about how everyone performed, so starting with Sanjay Mishra who is playing the role of the father of lead actor has done a really good job or we can say that he was the heart and soul of the entire series. The way he delivered his dialogues, his expressions, body language was all upto the mark. Now, if we talk about the lead actress of the show, so she was good looking but the way she performed her role was average. She also faced the problem of dialogue delivery may be because of it being in the Bihar’s accent. Now, if we talk about the lead actor of the show, so according to the reviews he was intolerable throughout the season 1 and delivered a very poor performance. Ravi Kishan’s performance was also not much appreciated by the audience.

The overall rating that the show got was 1.5/5. Sanjay Mishra did a really great job till the last but other casts of the show were not liked much by anyone. For more, you can stream the show for free on MX Player and can make your own perception about the show.


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