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Pappu Yadav Is On High Demand To Get Released

Pappu Yadav was a well-known politician who won the elections. And became a member of Lok Sabha in the years 1991, 1996,1999, and 2004 respectively. According to records of the year 2015, he won the title of the best performing politician. Recently, he has been the head of the political party of the Jan Adhikar Party and also had a false name for himself. That false name is RJD MP Rajesh Ranjan. He was granted freedom from the Tihar jail at 1.30 pm on the 21st of February, 2009.

Pappu Yadav release: Why was he arrested?

Pappu Yadav was arrested and put into jail because he was proven guilty of murdering Ajit Sarkar. He was sentenced to prison in the Tihar Jail by the High Court of Patna. He received his bail bond and other necessary papers of surety from the authorities of the Beur Jail. As stated by one of the jailers. He was a popular MP from the city of Madhepura in Bihar.

After murdering Ajit Sarkar, who was the MLA of the Purnea CPIM party, he was given the punishment of lifelong imprisonment by the Court of Additional session judge in the year 2008. In his bail along with papers of surety, a total sum of 10,000 rupees was submitted to the ADJ’s court in Patna, Bihar as a fine of crime.

Pappu Yadav release: Supreme court views

Pappu Yadav was earlier positioned in the Beur Jail of Bihar. Later on, he was shifted to the Tihar Jail in Bihar as per the orders given by the Supreme court of India. The Supreme court of India had earlier prevented to grant him any kind of bail as requested by the high court of Patna.

This was done so that Pappu Yadav does not succeed in tampering with the evidence which the higher authorities have got against him as well as threatening the people who have proper witnesses regarding his crime. This was the first murder case by Pappu Yadav.

Pappu Yadav release: People’s reactions

Despite his criminal act, the people of Bihar are wanting him to get released. Pappu Yadav was again put into jail by false allegations by Nitish Sarkar. He is loved by all the people of Bihar. And is believed that Bihar will be destroyed if Pappu Yadav does not make a comeback. He is also known as the Nelson Mandela of Bihar. The people of Bihar have been constantly tweeting on the social media platforms of Twitter and Instagram to release Pappu Yadav as soon as possible. After his release, they are very happy to get their MP back in town. They believe that poor and needy people will be now well treated. And Pappu Yadav will solve all their problems.

Pappu Yadav release: The final decision

Therefore, we can see that Pappu Yadav, despite his criminal act, is loved by all the native people of Bihar. He has dedicated his life to helping the needy, poor, and helpless people. He has always taken their stand and been their voice to the government of India.

The trending hashtag of #Releasepappuyadav is being tweeted by every one of Bihar. They are blaming Nitish Sarkar and making him guilty. We have seen from the majority of the tweets that people have mentioned Nitish Sarkar

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