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SuperDOGE Meme Launches Coin and Makes a Market Cap of $13M in 2days

World’s First superhero of crypto meme coin has announced the successful launching of the Meme coin. And it has raised the market cap to $13 million. The community of SuperDOGE is on the theme of cryptocurrencies which donates 2% of the transactions to needy people and other charities. From its start, it has raised a total donation of USD 150,000 to charitable organizations.

They are currently trading on the PancakeSwap as per recent information. They have leveraged Defi as well as the Bimace Start Chain for introducing a new opportunity for the crypto investment to socially help and fundraising.

The founder of SuperDOGE has stated that this community is a combination of superhero personalities in terms of cryptocurrencies.  It invests money with a charitable purpose.


The SuperDOGE Meme coin: Share division

The success attained at the initiation of this community has shown the potential of SuperDOGE. And has motivated future fundraising. The SuperDOGE Meme coin charges a 6% rate of tax per transaction. Out of this 6%, 2% gets permanently consumed from the supply of 1,000,000,000. The rest 4% is divided equally among the holders and charity via the securable environment of smart contracts.

Working partners

They are currently being partners with Wells Bring Hope charity. This is a charity that helps in bringing safe, clean, and pure water as well as proper sanitation to the countries which are still underdeveloped in the world. They are also engaged with an organization named Child Enrichment. And this organization helps to provide strength to speak and guides the local children to the correct path who are abandoned, dissed, and neglected by their families.

They also reach out their hands to non-profitable and non-governmental organizations like Clare Matrix, which provides both support as well as treatment in overcoming drugs and other harmful alcoholic addictions.

Management and their Plans

To date, they have made their company grow to a total of 3000 token holders as well as community members. These members and holders make an every three months voting system. This election process is held to make a decision on which charities are to be helped in the future. Besides this, they have started planning to introduce digital collectibles and superhero comic series as NFTs. Making of Anime series is also included in this.

Know more about it

Being the First cryptocurrency superhero in the world, it is a great success for SuperDOGE is raising the market cap by 13millions in 48 hours. And they are doing a great job in donating and helping needy people and charities. The news of their success came up through the GLOBE NEWSWIRE, Singapore on the 29th of April, 2021. For knowing more about the SuperDOGE community, you can visit their official website.


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