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 Ssss Dynazenon has come out with Episode 6

The series of  Ssss Dynazenon has come up, episode 6 is a follow-up to the Gridman, by the Trigger Studio. Episode 6 of the Ssss Dynazenon series is coming out on Friday, 7th May 2021and  will be streamed to all the countries at different times. The fans are eagerly waiting to see if the previous characters like Rikka Takarada are coming back in this episode. The episodes of Ssss Dynazenon release every week in Japan.I f you wanna know more about the episode, keep scrolling!


Ssss Dynazenon episode 6 : Spoilers

According to the previous episodes, it is likely that Yomigo and co visit the pool. They are about to have an unexpected meeting with someone who later turns out to be their closest companion.  A certain task needs to be accomplished and for that Gauma suggests Yomogi and Yume pretend like lovers.

Release timings

The episodes of Ssss Dynazenon streams on the Fridays of every week in Japan on the channel Tokyo MX. It will be aired at 22:00 JST. For the eastern areas of the world, it will be telecasted at 10 am ER on Friday 7th May. Besides that it will also be telecasted on the same day in the areas of Pacific, Central British, as well as European at different timings of 7, am Pt, 9 am CDT, 3 pm CEST respectively. For the southern areas, it will stream on the 8th of May at 00:00 am ACST.

Where to watch

Besides the Tokyo MX channel, the Ssss Dynazenon episode 6 will be streaming online on Funimation for the viewers in America. After one week, the viewers can watch the episodes for free, or else they can choose a premium account to watch it early. It will also be streaming on Disney Hotstar. And the viewers can watch a free episode one day after its release.


It is expected to have the same cast as the previous seasons. Rikka and Akane will also be seen in the sixth episode. Gauma has also tweeted about his return in the sixth episode. To know more about the whole cast and crew of this episode, we have to keep an eye on the social media platforms of the actors. The original soundtrack of this series will also be released along with the sixth episode.


All the fans and the anime lovers are eagerly waiting for Ssss Dynazenon episode 6 to release. They are very excited about what is going to happen in the show. The last episode has left the audience with a lot of incomplete and mysterious events.

The fans are also excited to see the casting of this episode and they all are guessing that a new character will come up in the show. It is still not confirmed if Daiki Hamano will make an appearance in this episode. To know more about it, stay tuned on its releasing platforms which are mentioned above in this article.

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