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Back Arrow Episode 18 Preview, Story Details , Updates And More

Back Arrow Episode 18
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In Black Arrow episode 18, we get to see Princess Fine and Queen Granedger see a man fighting during service. They wondered who handled that, but a warship, one of the highest, killed residents. He commented that bent in front of me, Rekka fighters. Atlee saw that the man’s war was quite large, like Granedger, and Zetsu appeared with his team. Zetsu giggled and commented that Tae was worth noting. He told the Queen of Granedger Atlee that the function was complete.

Princess Fine considering what Zetsu is discussed because they experience harmony and trade unions after extraordinary conflict. Zetsu revealed to them they would meet at the front line. They committed one supreme that their new linga lind until now destroys him, and now they will ask him to pay. He joined the Zetsu meeting and left the building with the team. Boys from farms choose to be in the arrow group, and now they will deal with future happenings. We left everyone shocked because they realize that the war is complete, but now the table has changed.

Plot Details

Bolt and Shuu were outside-facing Tae, and the arrow of the warship understood that Tae beat the population who took advantage of his troops. He surged, and Shuu advised him to stop and plan. Be it because of possible, when he attacked, his attack moved away with a warship. They understand this implies a war, and it will combine human conflict and Granedger. The bolt thinks if the big object can fly in the sky, it can also, too.

Shuu revealed the arrow that Granedger could not fly in the sky. The heroes began fighting against warships, but they were destroyed individually. Tae controlled the warship and commented that the champion was stupid. He asked if they thought their weapons were quite extraordinary to scratch his warship. Bolt attacks do not work. Shuu pushed the arrow to fight using Granedger, and the arrow said that he knew the area that faltered from a man’s war.

The bolt attack area was shaken, but they surprised him to know nothing happened. He understood that Tae had come fully prepared. The laughter chuckled in the arrow while considering it idiot and commented that he was not stupid enough to open himself to control the ship like that young woman who was a pumpkin. He revealed he would save himself no matter what. Tae attacked the arrow with a giant blow and disclosed that he would not be harmed or destroyed anyway because he is a winner. Atlee and Eisha called Shuu and arrow to withdraw.

Caution: Spoilers Ahead For Black Arrow Episode 18 Upcoming Newcomers!

They reveal that someone needs to cross the walls with them. Tae has taken down all of them. He reported to Rekka that he had to scare arrows, who killed the armed forces. Tae began laughing at and boasted that he was the scariest and extraordinary fighter. He revealed he had found a way of overpowering the strength of the Emperor because of his belief. He also said that power could be anything to Rekka. Tae suggested citizens be loyal to him, as he was the only person who had to run the show.

He revealed to them he would be going to be the new ruler of the city. Citizens can choose to be loyal to him or leave as per their choices. Kai, Ren, and the two supremes were surprised because they agreed that the conflict was finished. The Prime Minister understood that all the people were concerned and suggested Supreme warriors join Tae. Ren needs to decline, but the prime minister revealed they would stay away from the massacre for now, as he had observed that Tae is unbeatable at this point.

Bolt and Shuu appeared in Granedger. They met a hooded woman who revealed that arrow is a newcomer and was on the destined ship. He illuminated the arrow on Mount Epitaph, who passed the walls. He also said to them he would manage it through the wall. Then they fought with the enemy, and after destroying them, they found out how to undergo through the wall. However, arrows found that there is another wall beyond the previous wall.

That’s all for now about Back Arrow Episode 18. For more details, stay tuned to us!

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