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The 4th Episode of Fruits Basket Season 3 is out: Here’s what you need to know

The animated show ” Fruits Basket” has been adapted from a Manga series and the series was illustrated as well as written by Natsuki Takaya. It is a romantic show with a supernatural theme. The story revolves around an orphan girl Tooru Honda, who has a very kind-hearted and compassionate nature. She lives with Yuki Souma, her classmate, and Shigure, Yuki Souma’s cousin brother. She slowly realizes that they have a zodiac curse upon them, which converts them into zodiac animals on being sensitive, perturbed, or comforted by someone opposite to their gender and she makes a promise of lifting the curse from the family.


Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 4:  Release date

The 4th episode of Fruits Basket Season 3 was released on 27th April 2021. It was released on the platforms of TV Tokyo, TVO, AT-X studio TMS entertainment. The third and final season of “Fruits Basket” has been directed by Yoshihide Ibata and the scriptwriter of the show is Taku Kishimoto. The characters have been designed by Yuu Shindou and the music director of the show is Masara Yokoyama.

To watch the “Fruits Basket” Season 3 Episode 4 on an online platform, the viewers can get it on with both Japanese as well as English subtitles. For viewers from Australia and New Zealand, they can watch episodes of this show on AnimeLab. Other sites like and are also streaming the episodes with German, Russian, French, and Spanish subtitles along with English.


In this show, we will get to see Machi’s hatred for everything calm and composed. Naohito Sakuragi gets teased for his short height when the graduation topic comes up. Other students keep gossiping about the presence of Yuki and Kakeru in a separate room and this rumor spreads fast in the school.

Yuki and Kakeru visit Machi’s apartment alone. The apartment was messy. So Machi got embarrassed. Later Kakeru finds Yuki following her and suspects him of asking whether she murdered her brother. Yuki realises soon that Machi hates proper and perfect things.

Machi gets flashbacks of her family and her mother and breakdowns emotionally. Her parents threw her out because they misunderstood her for killing her brother when she was just covering him with a blanket. Yuki and the fan club President, Motoko meet up. Motoko is confused about her feelings for Yuki. But loves his company in school. He is the reason school seems wonderful to her. Naohito, who liked Motoko, gets disheartened on hearing this and bids her off.

Later, Yuki stops Machi from another attempt of making things messy. This show will focus on Yuki’s relationship getting stronger with Machi and his family. He gets shifted to a separate apartment and starts living separately from Shigure. The Soumas get a positive feeling of getting a life free from the curse.

Final words

According to the spoilers, episode 4 seems quite interesting. To know more in detail about it, watch the Fruits Basket Season 3 Episode 4 on the available websites and TV channels mentioned above.

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