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The Match Predictions of DC vs KKR: Who Will Win 29th April IPL

DC vs KKR T20 match prediction:- Based on previous matches

After losing the match against Royal Challengers Bangalore by just one run, Delhi Capitals think that there is some fault in some of their tactics. They have to correct these tactical errors in their team by practicing more. They have a total odds of 1.71 to defeat Kolkata Knight Riders in the next match on 29th April. The venue of the match in Ahmedabad. On the other hand, Kolkata Knight Riders have excelled themselves in bowling skills. They have also defeated the Punjab skills with their bowling tactics. They lack batting skills and good batsmen. This can be a threat to them in their match against Delhi Capitals. They have a total of 2.05 odds to defeat the Delhi Capitals in their next match.


Match in favor

According to the previous seasons, we know that Kolkata Knight Riders have a better history in the T20 IPL matches. Delhi Capitals haven’t made a better history but they have buckled themselves up for this season of IPL T20 matches. In total, they have a record of 14-12 in this season with very close domination by the Kolkata Knight Riders.

This season has not been that lucky for the Kolkata Knight Riders. They have lost matches against Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Despite this, the players have given their best performances in both the matches, and they are expected to do more good in the upcoming matches. A bet has been pulled out among the audience where the majority of them have stated that the Delhi Capitals have a stronger team and they can beat Kolkata Knight Riders. Fans of KKR counter it by saying that Delhi Capitals have never proved themselves. If they play six matches they win three and lose another three.


Both the teams are equipped with well-trained and good players. To mention some we have:-

Andrew Russell from Kolkata Knight Riders. He’s one of the best batsmen on the team. He’s the key player for KKR. This season he is not being able to have a greater impact due to lack of time. He is expected to push up his energy in the next match against Delhi Capitals.

Rishabh Pant from Delhi Capitals. He is the table-turner of the team. He is one of the big and best players for the Delhi Capitals. Kolkata will attack them according to the energy shown by Rishabh Pant in his previous matches. Fans are excited to see if he can make another spectacle!.

Delhi Capitals have a chance of producing a bigger stand this year.

The final word

The DC vs KKR T20 match prediction has been stated. Despite this, there is every possibility of the tables getting turned. Both teams are excellent with their skills. It will be very exciting to watch this match. Fans of both teams are eager for the game to begin.

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