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The MI vs RR match prediction for 29th April

The MI vs RR match prediction for 29th April

The Wicket made by Delhi daredevils made a new prediction for this match between MI vs RR. The team of Rajasthan Royals is filled with better defending champions for earning a position in the match. But with an overall squad depleting in nature, they have fewer chances to beat the Mumbai Indians in the match of 29th April. The Mumbai Indians have an odds of 1.54 to make a win against the team Rajasthan Royals.

Based on the previous matches, Mumbai Indians had a very poor condition at the starting of this season of the IPL matches. For defeating Rajasthan Royals in tomorrow’s match they have to give their best and excel in their fielding and bowling skills. Rajasthan Royals have a odds of 2.35 to beat Mumbai Indians.


Overall records

According to the results of the previous matches, Rajasthan Royals have won four out of the five matches they have played. Mumbai Indians still were not good with their performance. The brilliant performance of Rajasthan Royals has countered as well as dominated the strengths of Mumbai Indians. They have an overall record of 12-12 in the T20 IPL matches. A bet has been pulled up among the audience which resulted in the Mumbai Indians having a stronger team and excellent resources at their disposal for beating Rajasthan Royals with 1.54 odds. Despite making a sluggish start at the beginning of the season, Mumbai Indians have buckled up during the second half of the season.


Both the teams are acquainted with good players. They have excellent skills either in batting or fielding. To mention some of the best players from both the teams we have:-

Sanju Samson from Rajasthan Royals. He played brilliantly in his last matches. He played with good skills in batting and maturely against the respective teams. Despite getting out he gave his best for the team. He is one of the key players of Rajasthan Royals and also a threat to Mumbai Indians for the match on 29th April.

Trent Boult from Mumbai Indians has the ability in taking upfront wickets and can be a threat to some of the best batsmen of Rajasthan Royals in the next match. He’s one of the best bowlers from New Zealand.

Besides that, Rohit Sharma has a total odds of 8.00 and amazing performance to win the award of ” Player of the Match”. He is also a threat to his opponent team.

Final word

The MI vs RR T20 match prediction has been stated. Despite that, there is every possible chance for the tables to get turned. Both the teams have good positions in this season of IPL matches. This match will be quite interesting for the audiences to watch and the fans of the respective teams are also quite excited.

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