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The Spoiler Release of Boruto Chapter 57 is out

Boruto Chapter 57: Introduction

Boruto is the next generation of the Naruto animation series. The overall review of this Chapter is quite good. It wasn’t like a daily ordinary chapter with episodes having the same content in it. This Chapter of Boruto hits differently to all the viewers. Eida’s powers are to get awakened in this chapter. The chapter will witness the face-off challenge between the most popular Konoha troops of ninja and the Rouge’s head in Jigen. This has also seemed to cause the change in Kara Organisation astronomically. The release date of Boruto Chapter 57 is on 20 April 2021. Other stuff like the Spoilers, raw scannings are yet to get released by the 17th of May. Images of the anime comic are done by RYK along with Yukki.


Plot Review

In this chapter, Naruto, Boruto, Sasuke as well as Kawaki have all been targeted. Code has attempted to conquer the Kara Organisation. And has made a more strong villainous and evil plan ever. Also, this chapter will reveal the unique powers of Elda. Jigen has lost the power to its land of the living. To bid revenge for the death of his master Code runs to a mysterious character who seems to know everything in this world. He falls in love with the sleeping ninja at the time of luring her. Luring her was a part of his plan. But to utter shock, it was not the true feelings of his heart, instead, it was a part of Eida’s manipulation.

Being unknown to Code, Eida is also a Clairvoyant and can seize the heart of the person who tries to wake her up. Eida confesses to Code, that the only person that can be swayed from her is her blood relations. They are the Ohtsutski along with those minds she carries with her and she also confesses that her clairvoyance power does not deal with seeing the future. She can only view recent events in reality from the past.

They get a common target Amado while discussing their strategy. Amado is the Kara scientist of the Rogue, who bestowed powers to Eida. In the process of bestowing the power, the power of ” ordinary love ” got stolen from her. Amado becomes the only person to lift the limits set in his body, which will further enable him to kill both Naruto as well as Sasuke.

To End With

In conclusion, we can say that Boruto Chapter 7 is an excellent chapter that catches the attention of the viewers. It will be very exciting as well interesting to see the fight between Code and Konoha with more intensity. Along with that, Eida will be shown to showcase her powers and help Code in defeating Amado. With all such exciting features happening in the chapter, this becomes a must-read for all the audience and anime lovers. We all are hoping for a positive response from the audience for such an amazing chapter of the next generation of the Naruto series.


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