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Black Clover Chapter 242 is out: Here’s what you need to know

The 242nd chapter of Black Clover is popular on reading chapter of the Manga series. It is written by one of the most populated anime writers, Yuki Tabata. The story covers the plot of alliance between Clover and the Kingdom of Heart against the Kingdom of Spade. The main antagonist of this story is the ” Dark Triad”. The Black Clover has got a lot of details about Yuno’s past. The Black Clover Chapter 242 will also reveal a lot of details about Asta’s Demon.  This story has yet a lot of things to discover in it. For instance, there is still confusion about whether Dante will be able to withstand his attack; Will Yami makes her appearance in this chapter. To know more we need to go through the story of the Black Clover Chapter 242.

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Black Clover Chapter 242: Release Date

The Black Clover Chapter 242 was released on 8th March 2020. It is available on the platform on Viz. Besides that, we can also get this chapter from the official website of the Manga series.

Plot Review

The story is about the rivalry between Asta against Yuno. Asta is deprived of magical powers whereas Yuno is blessed with mana. Both of them strive hard to become the strongest knight of the nation. The story revolves around their journey of how they became the strongest knights.

In the chapter, we will find out the continuation of Asta Vs Dante’s fight. Asta will be seen to appear in a new form. He is going to have a tail in this chapter. A mysterious person calls for him. It might be anyone of his blood relation. Even his mother.


Dante will be showing the powers he has in himself and is hiding from the whole world. Asta grows a tail to defeat an unforgivable enemy in the fight. This enemy mentioned here is Dante. Yami will also make herself appear in the chapter.

Asta’s parents have been revealed in front of the audience very soon. Yuki Tabata thinks it is the right time to introduce his parents. He thinks Anime is shounen. The spoilers of the Black Clover Chapter 242 have hence been stated above.

Must read

As per the statement and the storyline has given by the spoilers the Black Clover Chapter 242 seems to be an interesting and exciting story for all the people who are interested in reading anime comics. Yuki Tabata makes a twist in this chapter which makes everyone await and more eager to read. With so many new happenings taking place in this Chapter The Black Clover Chapter 242 is suggested for all to give a read. This story has a Plot filled with stubbornness, strength, fights, action as well as thrill to give the readers a new experience in the world of reading books. Therefore those who are yet to go through the story of the Black Clover Chapter 242 should hurry up and give a read at the available sights.

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