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#ModiresignOrRepeal is now Trending on Twitter – Check out the Facts

ModiresignOrRepeal, The Real Concern

Farmers have always made sure that their country never stays hungry. Especially in our country the popular slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan” glorifies the efforts. And sacrifices of the soldiers and the farmers. Now think about what if farmers deny to yield crops, isn’t it a wild imagination? But this is what they are leading to. The Farmers have come in tusk with the government i.e. The Bharatiya Janata Party. The primary face of the government has been our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi.

ModiresignOrRepeal, The Rise Of The Conflict

Now tracing the path of the initial conflict between the farmers and the government we get to know that all this started when the BJP government announced its new Farm Bill which dismantles the old farm laws. To which the opposition party labeled as Modi’s conspiracy to increase capitalist wealth.

The farmers have been quite vocal about what they want. And it’s clear that the farmers want the government to take back the new farm bill and abolish its implementation. Previously in the past 2-3 months, there have been some meetings between the government officials and the farmer leaders. But nothing could be concluded.

The farmers have been protesting from August 2020 through the winter till the summer months that is till now. The situation got worst after the Republic Day Massacre. To rewind what happened on 26th January 2021 let us tell you that the farmers demanded that if the government does listen to their concerns then they will have a mass protest by organizing a farmer’s parade. To this, the government supported the protest by giving them a route for supporting their rally. But what went wrong is that a bunch of protesters bumped the police barricades and attacked the policemen. This situation got denser and led to huge hate, anger, and tension in the country.

However, none of the farmer leaders take credit for the attackers and claim they were not from their side. After all these events the farmer’s protest got a bit non-volatile. But still, the farmers are in protest.

ModiresignOrRepeal, The Twitter War

The countrymen are now taking responsibility to ensure the farmers their rights. The countrymen are now lashing the government on Twitter and #modiresignorrepeal is trending on Twitter which suggests our honorable Prime Minister either take farmer’s call or sign his resignation from his post.

ModiresignOrRepeal, The Demands Of Anndatta

The farmers have been quite clear about what they want from the government the farmers believe that the new farm bill will lead to the abolition of the mandi system which provides the farmers the right to bargain for the right prices. And marketing of their products and the power will be concentrated in the hands of corporates. This may lead to the exploitation of the farmer’s lives. So the farmers demand the government to take back the Farm Bill from enforcement and legally ensure the minimum support prices of their produce.

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