The Release Date of Bosch Season 7 is about to be announced

Season 7 of Bosch is about to release on Amazon Prime after the advancement of the season was confirmed. Till now, no trailer has been launched for season 7. But fans are eagerly waiting to catch a look at one at the starting of this year. It is heard of releasing in April 2021. The first news about the seventh series was heard on 13th February of 2020 and by September 2020, the producers have started with the production. Confirmation of the date hasn’t been done but there were clear shreds of evidence of the series filming on January 2021. This season is said to be the final season of Bosch’s series.

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The casting for this season is Titus Welliver for the role of the detective LA police Harry Bosch. He is also heard to be in the special forces of the Army formerly. Along with him, we have Jamie Hector in the role of Bosch assistant partner detective Jerry Edgar. For lieutenant Grace Billets, we have Amy Aquino. She is playing the role of Bosch’s superior as well as the best friend in the series. Till now, no trailer has been launched for season 7 but fans are eagerly waiting to catch a look at one at the starting of this year.

What can it be about?

It is really hard to foresee what the seventh season is upcoming too. It may be a prelude to the sixth season which followed the ” THE OVERLOOK AND THE DARK SACRED NIGHT”  book. This season is going to mark the comeback of Bosch in the spotlights of questioning a murder conviction. He is also supposed to have a risk in his career due to the mistakes he had done before. Nevertheless, Bosch tries his utmost power to maintain his job, not thinking of the consequences.

The investigation of the murder conviction can take them to the highest summits of white-collar crime as well as the lethal depths of the drug trade at the street level. Through this, Harry Bosch discovers that he’s trapped in the middle of a murder case, which is extremely complex. Besides that, he has also got himself in the middle of a messed up federal investigation as well as a destructive threat for Los Angeles.


In conclusion, we can say that the Bosch Season 7 release date is very near and the season is going to be super exciting for the fans. The series comprises a good team of actors, producers, and casting directors to help them reach their peak. The seventh season of Bosch is said to have ten episodes in total which will be filled with suspense, crime, and thrill. Fabrik Entertainment’s member Henrik Bastin is producing it, while we have Jim McKay as the director of the series. This series will have the plot of the novels The Concrete Blonde(1994) and The Burning Room (2014)  at its core. With so much better elements in it, the Season 7 of Bosch is surely a must-watch of all the audiences of Amazon prime.

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