Rishabh Pant: New Delhi Capitals Captain For IPL 2021

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On 30th March 2021, Rishabh Pant, the fearless and hard hitter of the Indian Cricket Team, has become the fifth-youngest IPL captain. The fearless Indian batsmen are now the new IPL captain of the Delhi Capitals Team. He will lead the Delhi Capitals side in the absence of the former captain, Shreyas Iyer.

It has ruled Shreyas Iyer out in IPL 2020 because of his left shoulder injury that occurred in the recent India-England ODI series. Pant was brought by Delhi Daredevils, now known as Delhi Capitals, in 2016. Fortunately, Pant was also the former captain of the Delhi state Cricket team and now the match-winner for the Indian team.

Pant was one of the match winners for the Indian team in the historic test series wins 2-1 in Gabba, Australia. Currently, Pant is delivering his best performance in both white-ball and red-ball cricket. It means every IPL prediction related to Pant can turn into reality in IPL 2021.

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Delhi Capitals Founders Happy With Ricky Ponting Decision Of Make Pant, The New Captain Of DC

Ricky Ponting (Head Coach Of DC) and Kiran Kuman Gandhi and Parth Jindal (owners of Delhi Capitals) made Rishabh Pant the captain of Delhi Capitals.

As per Ricky Ponting, this is a golden opportunity for young Pant, who has played fearlessly against Australia and England. He has consecutively played international matches, his self-confidence is at its peak, required for taking this responsibility.

According to DC co-owner and Chairman Kiran Kumar Gandhi, Shreyas Iyer is leading DC since 2019, and both seasons were terrific. Hence, Iyer will miss immensely, and they pick Pant for leading the DC side in IPL 2021. Will your IPL prediction related to Pant will come true?

Rishabh Pant Is Feeling Blessed And Happy After Becoming New Delhi Capitals Captain

Pant feels humbled and happy after Delhi Capitals announced him as the new captain for the 2021 IPL edition on the social media handles.

Pant released his statements where he said, ‘’Delhi is the hometown and the place where he began his Indian Premier League (IPL) career. To lead this dream was the dream turning into reality today.’’

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Shreyas Iyer is getting ready for his surgery on 8th April 2021 was happy to hear Rishabh Pant becoming the new DC captain. He said, ‘’Undoubtedly, Rishabh Pant is the best man for this job. He has all my good wishes for making a mark in IPL 2021; I will cheer him throughout the season.’’

Let’s Hope Delhi Capitals Reach The Playoffs And Grab The Trophy

Pant released a video on his official Twitter account, and he is ready to give his 100% for the team. From 2016 until IPL 2020, Pant has scored 2000+ runs in nearly 68 matches. IPL 2018 was the best season where every IPL prediction related to him turned into reality.

Last year, Delhi reached the playoffs, and this year we expect something better from Pant.

So cheer up all DC lovers; we’ll all encounter a challenging competition of Pant (Delhi Capitals) versus MS Dhoni (Chennai Super Kings) on 10th April 2021.

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