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Aranya, Kaadan released in theaters today. Viewers not happy with the film. Rana and Elephants deserve better


Aranya is a Telugu drama film directed by Prabhu Solomon. It is a movie that was shot in Tamil as well taking Kaadan as a name. Not just the two languages, but also in Hindi as “Haathi Mere Saathi”. Haathi Mere Saathi (The Hindi version) release dates have been put aside for now. The movies Kaadan and Aranya were going to be released in April this year but as pandemic affected other businesses, it also put a hold on the release of these movies.

However, Kaadan and Aranya have been released on March 26 as promised. As the movies were shot in different languages, so it only makes sense that the cast be different too. Now that the Kaadan and Aranya have hit the cinemas, people will express their opinions.

Aranya has Rana Daggubati as a forest man. The purpose of the movie is so unique that it makes you wonder if you could ever think this way.


The message Prabhu Solomon wants to convey is that forests depend on Elephants and we can’t see that.
Choosing this message to attract audiences needs a great deal of courage. Prabhu Solomon wants us to understand that elephant dung is a fertilizer for the forests and it helps the woods flourish.

Man has no role in this process and if there were no elephants, the story of the world would be altogether different. It is mandatory to save the elephants and spread awareness about this situation.

But the reviews don’t seem so fancy rather, people are complaining that the movie didn’t do justice to the plot. It is evident that Rana has put his best effort for this role.

He is the forest man whose three generations have taken care of the forest and communicated with the animals. But, other characters like Zoya Hussain, Vishnu Vishal and Shreya Pilgaonkar couldn’t leave an impact on the audience.

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