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World Water Day to be observed on March 22 throughout the globe. This year’s theme is about importance of this resource

World Water Day

World Water Day falls on 22nd of March and has its deep roots in the history. It was first proposed in UN’s conference on Environment and Development. First World Water Day was celebrated in the year 1993 and since then each year reserves a spot for this great cause of society.

Preservation and proper use of water need to be nailed as rules on the walls. Water is not less than an elixir. Every effort to preserve it is 9 on the scale of 10. There’s always so much more we can do as responsible world citizens. This day is an opportunity to talk about the misuse of water and wasting it in unhealthy amounts. “Anything that is free is not valued enough” We are making this a reality of our nature by disrespecting it.

World Water Day and themes chosen for different years

World Water Day

Every year World Water Day is given a theme to make it unique and different from the previous year. Wide varieties of themes have been picked so far. For example:
1.) Women and Water in 1995,
2.) and The World’s Water: Is there enough? 1997,
3.) Water for the 21st century 2000,
4.) Water and Sustainable Development 2015,
5.) Better Water, Better Jobs in the year 2016,
6.) Water and Climate Change 2020,
7.) Valuing Water 2021.

This year’s theme is “Valuing Water”. Everyone is invited to share their experiences. Any story about water or any feeling around the resource can be put up for the world to see.

Also, there are still about 2.2 billion people who don’t have access to clean drinking water. This water crisis is more of a reason to be aware and considerate about the world around you.

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