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World Happiness Report has India at 139th position. Finland bags the first spot and is the happiest country in the world.

world happiness report

World Happiness Report is published each year under the United Nations. It is put together and made public for downloading on website of World Happiness Report by Sustainable Development Solutions Network. It takes multiple factors into consideration like the quality of life and how people respond to different factors of life.

They are given a scale based on their own chosen values. 10 stands at the best imaginable life and 0 at worst. Then to measure your happiness you’ve to pick a number between 1 to 10. This process is known as Cantril Ladder Survey.

The report uses data of Gallup World Poll and the mentioned ladder survey. The idea of measuring happiness was first adopted in the year 2012 and since then different countries get tested for the happiness value in their inhabitants.

In the year 2020, World Happiness Report was published in the month of march with 156 participating countries. Finland bagged the first position in that list.

World Happiness Report 2021 puts India at 139th spot and what does it say about mental health of the country?

UN released its report on World Happiness on March 19 this year. Finland grabs the first spot again which makes it the happiest country for now. This year the report had 149 countries as participants. Also, the variables have changed slightly.

world happiness report

Besides putting quality of life as a determinant, effects of COVID-19 and how governments dealt with it were also given focus. China ranked 84th out of 149 countries, USA was at 19th and Bangladesh at 101st spot. The unhappiest countries include war hit Afghanistan (149th) and countries like Zimbabwe (148th).

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