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Bob Woolmer died mysteriously back in 2007 on March 18. What was the reason?

Bob Woolmer


Bob Woolmer (full name: Robert Andrew Woolmer) was an English man who coached cricket teams of countries like Pakistan, Warwickshire and South Africa. Woollie was a cricketer, commentator and a coach in his lifetime. In 2007 Cricket World Cup Pakistani cricket team lost against Ireland’s team. It was only a gap of few hours and news started to chase televisions like wildfire.

Bob Woolmer died in Kingston, Jamaica and police decided to open murder investigation. He was staying at Jamaica Pegasus Hotel around that time. Initially it was said that he died of a heart attack, but later investigations done by a pathologist suggested that, he lost his life because of strangulation.

His death was so mysterious that opinions didn’t make a common point. In june that year, Jamaican constabulary commissioner confirmed that Bob Woolmer wasn’t murdered. It was a natural cause, a heart attack more specifically.

Bob Woolmer

Bob Woolmer death was a case that kept getting shadier with every passing month.

Clive Rice a South African cricketer, didn’t believe Bob died naturally. As per him, there was something fishy and a gang might have murdered Bob.

After this Ian Chappell also shared his discontent. Ian was a captain of Australian team. He was another person who doubted natural death of Woolmer. In Jamaican hotel, Bob Woolmer ordered his last meal, Apple pie and lasagne.

The waitress (Deirdre Harvey) who served him food, mentioned that his eyes were red as if he had cried.
After postmortem of the body, it was proved that Bob was murdered. This reopened the case and furthered investigation. But it never was a clear surface.

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