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Grammy 2021 was all about women and their power to wear pop music as a crown.


Grammy 2021 celebrated music at the end of a tough year and a half. Everything from pandemic to black lives matter left a deep impact on people throughout the world. Everyone has their own way of shaking off the reality and holding on to a hope of positive future. But many find comfort in music. That’s because music keeps people glued together. Music is a channel to deliver messages in a meaningful way.

This year women won big in the Grammys. Starting with Meghan Thee Stallion who won an award for her song, “Savage”. Then there was a teenager we all know as Billie Eilish. She managed to take record of the year for “Everything I wanted”.


Beyonce and Taylor win big

Moreover we all know about quarantine music of Taylor Swift. Everyone was talking about “Folklore” when it first came out. Taylor made some great music whilst the world was on a shutdown. Well! That worked just fine for the singer. She won Album Of The Year in Grammy 2021. The singer was nominated in six categories but she could only grab one of them. Look at all these amazing women making world proud with their talent.

If you talk about Grammys and leave out Beyoncé, then what are you even doing. Beyoncé collected twenty eight Grammys including this year’s. She won an award for best R&B for her song “Black Parade”. It was her way of reaching out to people who had suffered and still carried on with “Black Lives Matter”.
But the Grammys didn’t go untainted this year. There were many netizens who doubted the credibility of the awards. Starting from Zayn Malik’s fans to BTS ARMY, there have been talks that the award is rigged and lacks transparency. BTS’ song Dynamite broke numerous records this year and their music video is about to reach 1 billion mark in only a half year. The song connected people from all generations and races. It’s a little hard to digest that they weren’t rewarded well. Anyway, the day is young and so is BTS. Their good times will touch them soon.

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