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Masaba Gupta shares an unseen picture with the netizens. It’s all about family and love

Masaba Gupta


Masaba Gupta is an established name in the fashion world. Most people who are deep into fashion know about the fashion label House Of Masaba. Clearly, It is the parent of some finest designs and the crown needs to be put on Masaba Gupta.

She is a young and talented fashion designer and has had interest in tennis, singing and dancing. Her interests definitely know no bounds. She never has clipped her wings or stopped them from growing. It’s good if you can calculate your strengths and weaknesses at the right age. It helps to take feasible and productive choices and move in the forward direction.

Masaba Gupta is a socially accepted and loved, as one can clearly take from her Instagram.

She is a model, has walked for designer Sabyasachi, is an actor and obviously the best fashion designer in town. Recently, Masaba took to Instagram to share a picture of her in a family situation. She is seen in a baby’s body in Nina Gupta’s lap. Also, there is Viv Richards sitting next to the two. She captioned it with “My world. My blood”.

Masaba Gupta

The designer said in her next post that her lineage is very diverse. Each of her relatives is from a different background and she is a great combination of that all. She tried to say that being put in a box with a label is not her thing.

Masaba 31, was born to a popular Indian actress Neena Gupta. She spent a good amount of her blooming years with her grandfather and consequently got attached. After 20 years, she reconnected with her father Viv Richards. Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards was a West Indies batsman and he also goes by the name king Viv.

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