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Salt March started on this day back in history. The move to disobey salt law continues to preach to this day

Salt March

Salt March? If you’re wondering how 12th of March is significant then sweat your memory and try to visualize your history book. There was an important event in history that saw its beginning on the day.

Mahatma Gandhi came up with an idea to show his disobedience towards the colonial rule. He asked his countrymen to support him in his move and help the nation out of its misery. The move, discussed above was a twenty four day march popularly known as The Salt March or Dandi March.

Some even prefer to call it by other names like Salt Satyagraha or Dandi Satyagraha. Where, Satyagraha is a sanskrit word. It means non violent resistance shown by people towards the policies of running government.

Salt March and the associated challenges

This march started on 12th of March in the year 1930 and lasted till 5th of April, in the same year. Gandhi was supported by 78 of his volunteers and they marched from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi spanning a distance of 240 miles. Along the way, there were more men and women who joined the march to represent a common opinion.

Salt March

The countrymen didn’t agree with the salt tax and that’s what led them towards Dandi on foot. When they reached Dandi, Gandhi didn’t hesitate and lifted some grains of salt off the ground. Later many people continued with trend and there were many incidents of salt law defiance. Over 60k people were arrested after the Dandi march including Mahatma Gandhi.

Furthermore this year, the Prime Minister of the country will honour the Dandi march. He will flag off a commemorative foot march from Sabarmati Ashram and the march will last for twenty five days.

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