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Mansukh Hiran death case takes a turn. His wife Vimla calls Sachin Vaze a murderer

Mansukh Hiran

Mansukh Hiran was a man who made headlines when Ambani’s security issues were getting discussed.

His car was spotted near Ambani’s residence Antilia. The car was a Scorpio. It also had twenty gelatin sticks and a note inside. But the man was found dead on 5th of March.

Mansukh Hiran found dead at his own residence

Police found his body near Kalwa Creek with five handkerchiefs tied around his mouth.

Mansukh Hiran

Currently police officer Sachin Vaze is under speculations. He was even removed from his position at CID. Sachin was also a part of Shiv Sena two decades back. But after that he chose a career outside the party.

Vimla Hiran had serious allegations against Sachin Vaze. According to her, Mansukh was asked to get arrested with a promise of bail. She also believes that Vaze is the murderer. After the Scorpio was seen near Antila, Mandukh Hiran was taken in for the investigation. Moreover Vimla said that Sachin Vaze was on interrogation duty and her husband used to be around him.

According to Chief Minister Of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray, Vaze is given a Bin Laden image in this whole scene.

The situation was so chaotic, that Sharad Pawar had to meddle. He had a phone call with Uddhav Thackeray on Wednesday. However Thackeray doesn’t want to back out. He said that, unless there’s a strong evidence, Sachin Vaze should not be arrested.

Vaze had multiple conversations with officers at crime branch. Furthermore, Vaze promised to reveal his side of the story by Thursday. This case got so many politicians involved that it’s hard to keep up.

Where Uddhav Thackeray is suggesting to focus on evidence, BJP wants quick suspension of Sachin Vaze. The case is still open and investigations are not getting any closer to the ends.

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