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Kutch of Gujarat faces an earthquake of magnitude 3.2. Administration assures of no property damage or loss of life

Kutch of Gujarat

On March 8, at around seven in the morning, a light jolt was felt by inhabitants of Kutch of Gujarat. It took a while to measure and sense the effects of this tremor. But, luckily no harm was done to life or property. The magnitude of the earthquake was later found to be at 3.2 on the Richter scale.

Kutch of Gujarat

Kutch of Gujarat and it’s geography

Kutch is a district in Gujarat which itself is a state of India. Besides having huge area, it is also densely populated. The people speak in a kutchi language and have a diverse cultural background. Kutch has Arabian sea on one of its sides and Gulf of Kutch on the other.

Kutch is the largest district of India and falls in the definition of fold and thrust tectonics. As per disaster management and other parts of administration, the area falls in high risk seismic zone. People of this state have suffered damage of their resources and lost many lives because of the earthquake in 2001.

This also acts as a proof that Kutch has seismological sensitivity. It is only right to strengthen the disaster management of the state and provide help when it’s most needed.

About the epicentre and other details

District Administration calmed the public by announcing that there was no damage done. According to ISR (Institute of Seismological research) stationed at Gandhinagar, the epicentre was found to be 13 Km east-north-east of Dudhai in Kutch of Gujarat. It digs 18.6 km down the earth’s surface.

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