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Arpita Khan Sharma was taken to Instagram by her precious memories. She posted a picture with Salman Khan

Arpita Khan Sharma

Arpita Khan sharma posted a picture of her superstar brother Salman and donned a gorgeous looking smile with grace. In the picture Salman is seen in his iconic look. He has a white towel wrapped around his waist and a bare chest.

Of course we all know, how attentive Salman Khan is towards his fitness. The picture radiates energy and sibling bond. She is wearing an ethnic outfit, because the picture dates back to 2014 when she was enjoying her pre-wedding ceremonies.

Arpita Khan Sharma

Arpita Khan Sharma shares her precious moments with us

Arpita mostly shares the pictures of her family which obviously includes Salman Khan. But this picture has gotten immense popularity. Reasons can vary from a fan to fan. Maybe some enjoy the love that the picture exhibits, maybe some are happy because they could see Salman Khan in his best look or maybe both.

Whatever be the reason, this picture is a standard anyhow. Besides Salman and Arpita, there’s somebody else in the picture too. It’s just a foot so you can’t tell who that is.

Arpita’s post was captioned with “fond memories” and has garnered around 80,000 likes in just 14 hours. Moreover, Mini Mathur and Najmeddin Al Hadad commented on the picture. However the post has limited commenting activated.

Arpita Khan Sharma

For now Khan fans are living on crumbs because after Bharat he didn’t do a movie till now. But hope is always an affordable option. Also, there are reports that he will be joining the shoot for Tiger 3 and his upcoming film “Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai” will bless the cinemas in 2021. When there’s a good amount of content to look forward to, there’s no reason to sulk.

For now, Arpita’s picture is hugging the fans and its warmth can be felt by everyone who saw the duo.

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