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Painting Of Winston Churchill finds a new buyer. The painting was owned by Anjelina Jolie till now.

Winston Churchill was a British Prime Minister as we all know him. But it is known to very few that he was an Army officer before making his debut in Britain’s politics. He was a social figure who had been a statesman, a writer and had also developed passion for painting in his 40s. He died at the age of 90 in Kensington, London. Recently one of Churchill’s paintings has received great deal of attention. The fact that makes this painting of Winston Churchill more significant is that, this is his only painted piece from the time of that war.

Painting Of Winston Churchill

Everyone is eyeing the news around the painting. It has a scene of World War 2, with a Tower of The Koutoubia Mosque standing tall in Marrakesh.

It was his first time visiting Morocco and Churchill made time to paint it. This was because he was planning to gift it to, then US President Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt was also his colleague in the wartime and had his birthday coming. According to Nick Orchard it was about soft power.

Nick has an impressive knowledge about British and Irish art. He said that this isn’t any ordinary gift but an offspring of diplomacy.

However, the painting went on sale in New Orleans in the year 2011. It was the 45 years old actress Anjelina Jolie who managed to take the vintage art piece home.

Jolie and Brad Pitt are too much into art and have collected works of other artists like Rauch and Banksy too.

Furthermore in an auction in London, the painting was sold for £7m at an auction. This is so much more than the previous sale values and it has also broken the records of his other artworks.

Painting Of Winston Churchill

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