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Elon’s Mother Reveals On Twitter About His Perfect Grades On An Aptitude Test, Netizens Get Impressed By Tesla Owner

Elon’s Mother Reveals

Elon Musk is recognized as a youth icon and billionaire who has worked smart all his life. The SpaceX and Tesla owner and CEO have also received the world’s richest man title although currently, the title is now taken by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. However, recently Elon Musk’s mom Maye Musk revealed something on Twitter that showcases Elon has truly been the smart guy from a young age. Elon’s mom tweeted a picture of a computer-related aptitude test he participated in at 17 and scored the highest. Maye shared this proud moment of Elon Musk cracking the test and had to appear again as no one had achieved such impressive marks before. Social Media platform users are congratulating Elon and are quite impressed by the CEO of Tesla.

A perfect score by Elon Musk

This aptitude test was taken in 1989 when Elon was 17 years old and managed to attain a brilliant score. After the release of the marks, Elon had to give a retest due to his great marks. The teachers found it unbelievable that Elon attained outstanding grades on his test. This test was conducted by the University of Pretoria which is situated in South Africa. Elon’s mother reminisced about this proud moment and complemented Elon for his intelligence.

Netizens response to Elon’s great score

The netizens are completely shocked and are spamming Musk’s account with congratulations and appreciation. Further, this tweet made by Maye Musk received more than 99K likes on Twitter. The image of Elon’s score is trending on the internet and also is being shared a lot, especially by young people. Moreover, many are also saying that it’s very obvious Elon got a great score since he certainly is a tremendous engineer.

Elon attempting to make a city named starbase

Billionaire Elon Musk has revealed on Twitter that he is planning to build a new city in Texas. Currently, the Starship rocket project by SpaceX is being done there. The facilities of SpaceX are located in a village called Boca Chica. Elon stated that the area covered by the new city will be larger than the entire village. Since 2014 the company has been working on its Starship rocket model.

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