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Priyanka Chopra Jonas Reveals In An Interview On How She Receives Cynicism From Southern Asia and How It Affects Her

How She Receives Cynicism

Priyanka Chopra has defined herself quite well in the film industry and Hollywood. The actress is working on a project currently and is shooting in London. Priyanka got married in 2018 to a popular Jonas brother, Nick Jonas. The couple disclosed they first met in the Met Gala and since then they hung out with each other and fell for one another. Chopra has also tried out in the singing field and has been a part of the famous movie Baywatch. Recently the 38-year-old actress revealed some shocking things in an interview with BBC.  Even after being successful in both the Indian and American film industries, the actress has uncovered she receives a lot of adverse comments. These are usually from her own population further stated by the actress.

How She Receives Cynicism

Priyanka gets hate from her own population?

The actress discussed how she gets a lot of cynicism from brown people even though she represents them. Furthermore, Priyanka said people from South Asia pick on her for no reason. Priyanka added that she spoke about this matter with popular brown actress Mindy Kaling as well. Chopra continued and said she doesn’t understand why this happens even after we are working hard for people like us to have more opportunities. This has really affected her as the actress said she feels discouraged and disheartened from her own side.

Why does Priyanka not speak on other issues?

Priyanka Chopra was questioned in the interview as to why she doesn’t speak about issues. According to the actress, she thinks it’s not necessary to have an opinion about everything. Moreover, she also said that even though she is a celebrity actress, her work is not dependent on others’ opinions.

New upcoming projects on Priyanka’s list?

Priyanka this month had launched her book and now has embarked on shooting as she signed several projects. One of one upcoming Hollywood film is the text for you and the iconic fiction and action movie Matrix 4. The actress has currently finished working on the film text for you which was shot in London.

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