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A Canadian School asked a teen to leave the campus because of the lingerie dress.

A Canadian School

A Canadian School is under fire for asking a young teen to leave the campus. This all started when a 17 year old Karis Wilson decided to go to school in a lingerie dress.

She chose a black lingerie dress which was having a knee high length, with strips and a lace at top. She wore a white turtleneck under it. However her outfit of the day turned into discomfort of the day for the school teacher.

A Canadian School

As soon as she was seen by her teacher in the class, the 17 yo was asked to report to the Principal’s office. The girl left the office in tears because she was asked to leave the school premises. Reason was put as her clothing choice. She was suspended for a day because her outfit choice was making her male teachers uncomfortable.

A Canadian School sent the teen home in tears and her father wasn’t having it

Furthermore the story doesn’t end with the high schooler’s tears. Her father Christopher Wilson was more furious than his daughter. He couldn’t gulp the fact that his daughter was made to feel like that only over a dress. He took to internet and explained how wronged he feels after what school did to his daughter.

Christopher Wilson said that he asked for his daughter’s permission before doing anything about it. Also Karis asked her father to make sure that none of the school students have to go through that embarrassment again. Christopher Wilson was caught by disbelief that his daughter’s confidence was crushed by the place where she was supposed to learn ways to love herself and the community.

According to the teen’s father, if a teacher is getting uncomfortable by the way his students dress, then maybe he should not be a teacher.

A Canadian School

In support of Karis, her classmates also staged a walkout. The school authorities are claiming that they are taking the matter with utmost seriousness and no parent or student shall suffer.

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