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Chief Minister declares a lockdown to be extended till the end of March, CM says he is unwillingly imposing it as there’s no other choice

maharastrata Chief Minister declares a lockdown

Another lockdown could soon be imposed according to Chief Minister Udhav Thackeray. The CM stated that he’ll have to put Maharashtra under lockdown as there’s no choice at a conference on Sunday. Maharashtra has recorded more than 8000 Covid-19 cases active cases in the past days. The total number of coronavirus cases is more than 11,400 currently in the state. Looking at the coronavirus situation, the government of Maharashtra has decided that the state will extend its Covid-19 guidelines till the 31st of March. However, the officials are taking all precautionary measures but, due to the mutated strain of coronavirus, there is a huge surge in several states including Maharashtra.

Maharashtra’s government concerned over rising cases

Previously, the Maharashtra state had less than 2000 active Covid-19 cases but suddenly there was a rise in cases reported last month. According to news, it’s due to the more transmissive UK mutant strain of the virus. This has caused the virus to spread more rapidly amongst the community. There were stricter measures taken by the government yet the cases did not entirely decrease.

CM urges citizens to properly follow guidelines

The CM on Sunday also encouraged the citizens to wear masks and follow the guidelines properly. The CM also mentioned this is an emergency step as the number of cases being recorded is rising fast and it’s becoming difficult to contain the virus. Further, the timings of all shops and marketplace will remain the same as before but with more precautions. Nevertheless, the CM also mentioned he did not want to impose a lockdown, but he is helpless because of the circumstances.

Similar situation in other states of India

Not only Maharashtra but other states like Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, and Gujarat are also reporting a similar situation. These States have reported about 80% of the total Covid-19 cases in the country. Some states have also imposed lockdowns to control the virus. However, the curve which was reducing until last month is slowly flattening.

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