Check out some weird facts about peanut butter and an easy quick homemade recipe of peanut butter

Check out some weird facts about peanut butter

If you cherish peanut butter a lot this day is especially for you as today is nationwide peanut butter lover’s day! On this day you can enjoy all your favorite snacks made from peanut butter and chill. However, have you wondered about the origin of this day and how you can rejoice by making delicious homemade peanut butter. Well, you’ve come to the right place to read about what’s so special about its name and some more interesting facts.

The History and origin of peanut butter

Peanuts were eaten up long back although the concept of peanut butter was found in 1895. Later, several versions of peanut butter’s recipes came along. Also, a famous physician had made his peanut butter and served it as an alternative for teeth for old people who were unable to chew. Soon the peanut butter and jelly combination got extremely popular. In 1990 when peanut butter prevailed, first advertised in the US it also served as peanut butter lover’s day and several newspapers were found smeared with peanut butter.

Bizarre and cool truths on peanut butter

So here are some bizarre and cool facts about peanut butter:

  • Mostly females and also children tend to love creamy editions of peanut butter.
  • Almost all peanut kinds of butter available are gluten-free and are vegan
  • Peanut butter was initially made for old people who can’t munch
  • Peanut butter also can be converted to diamonds(only a small amount though)
  • Peanuts are legumes and not nuts, but they are still called that way!
  • Peanut butter is very nutritional especially for heart and vascular issues.

A quick homemade peanut butter recipe

It’s quite easy actually since all you need is a few peanuts and sugar or honey and voila. You just have to grind the peanuts in the grinder for a few minutes and wait till it turns into a paste. Keep grinding and mix a bit of sugar or honey according to your taste while grinding. Soon you’ll see the paste has become thick and creamy which indicates the process is complete. That’s fresh homemade peanut butter and you can make it easily in 5 minutes.

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