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Riverdale Star KJ Apa shares about his experience while playing Archie Andrews. The actor thinks that reality and fiction must be put in separate boxes.

Riverdale Star

KJ Apa took part in a conversation for the Interview Magazine this month. He was accompanied by his costar Demi Moore.

Riverdale Star

While opening up about himself he let her know about his experiences. He said that working in “Riverdale” was an honour but it didn’t end with that. Riverdale star KJ Apa, explained how the part was giving him the best and the worst of time.

He acknowledged that the show has given him fame and success. But he didn’t deny the adjoining challenges.

Riverdale star doesn’t feel natural when people judge his opinions as Archie

Since the show is based on teenage lifestyles. It is a given that if the cast are called for a talk show or an interview, they might get asked how they feel about different teen issues.

KJ Apa said that sometimes it felt like he was in a jail, because there were so many restrictions. He said that Archie Andrews did give him a face, but he couldn’t create enough in that character. The boundaries were preset and he had no option but to give in.

Riverdale Star

Keeping KJ Apa and Archie in different boxes and accepting it as a reality

KJ feels like fans have an opinion about you based on the character you play. But sometimes it gets overbearing to always act like Archie. The Riverdale star said that his actions were always under scrutiny.

Everything he believed in be it his political opinions or take on drugs, was judged. He did understand that his fans only know him as a character in Riverdale.

But the fact that he is a human with his own set of beliefs is an unpopular reality. He wanted to express that his personality can differ from Archie and that is normal.

He also talked about his time on sets on Songbird. KJ mentioned how natural he felt while acting his part. He didn’t have to put on hair color and make up to look like someone else. The actor felt like he was free to look like himself.

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