Nick Jonas Sings Is Fresh New Single on SNL as He Makes His Debut as a Host on the Show, Priyanka Chopra Congratulated Nick on Instagram

Nick Jonas Makes His Debut

Nick Jonas has made his first debut as a host in Saturday Night Life (SNL). The show is currently bringing musical guests on as temporary hosts. However, Nick will not only be a host but also as a musical guest and perform with his brothers. Nevertheless, this is not the first time that celebrities have been both hosts and musical guests in the show. The new season began in October last year and it’s SNL’s 46th season. Nick and the Jonas brothers appeared as a band in the show, and they performed together. Moreover, the show is majorly hosted by Nick himself, and he did a pretty good job. The 28-year-old singer is all set to release his new album soon this month.

Nick Jonas Makes His Debut

The performance by Nick Jonas

The 28-year-old singer performed the song drink with me from the hit film Les misérables. Nick sang it as a tribute song for Broadway since theatres have been closed for a year due to the pandemic.

The Broadway and theater industry suffered a lot as they had to postpone and cancel all their shows amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Also, Nick sang his fresh new song single called spaceman. The singer revealed this song is inspired by Covid-19 lockdown as it made people disconnect with each other.

A funny interaction between Kevin and Nick Jonas

The eldest brother Kevin Jonas had appeared from within the crowd and asked Nick if the band was still together. Nick replied to saying yes the band is definitely there. However, previously Nick had stated the band had broken in 2014 because of Nick, and he admitted. Still, the interaction between the two was quite funny as Kevin teased Nick on SNL.

New upcoming album of Nick Jonas

Nick has revealed that he will be releasing his fresh new solo album on March 12. The album’s name is spaceman which is the same as his new single. Further, Nick disclosed he hopes his music helps people connect in this pandemic. Also, Priyanka Chopra congratulated Nick on Instagram with a story that said “hubby crushed it”. Later on, Nick thanked his wife for the sweet gesture on Instagram as well.

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