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The famous Potato Head will not have Mr abbreviation anymore as announced by Hasbro

famous Potato Head

One of the popular kid movies Toy story is one iconic film. The characters in the movie were so relatable and funny and that even adults found this film fantastic. Moreover, the heart-touching story of the relationship of a kid and its toys outshined other films. This magical concept and fictional plot of toys being alive grasped attention worldwide as everyone secretly wished their dolls or toys were living life too. However, it sounds plain or fake but when it came to the screens it worked pretty well. Coming back to the characters, one of the toys called Mr. Potato head also had received fame just like the other ones. Recently, one of the biggest toy manufacturing companies decided to remove Mr from Potato head’s name. This move was done to make the toy gender-fair which probably is not common after all potato heads are established. 

Mr won’t be added to Potato Head’s name

The company Hasbro has taken a major step of dropping Mr from the character of Potato head. This brand name will be removed to promote gender neutrality and equality as stated by the company. However, several fans assumed that these characters were no more a part of the company. Later, the firm had to tweet on this matter and clarify that no such thing was going to happen. It’s just the names will be slightly changed that’s all. 

Similar steps were taken by Hasbro previously 

It’s true that not only the toy firm Hasbro but also several other doll manufacturing companies like Mattel also took such initiatives. Mattel’s most popular barbie dolls were diversified a lot in various aspects. The new dolls added several cultural elements and even included disabilities. These dolls also had different shades of skin, hair color to portray other skin colors and widen their range to be fair. 

Education young minds with better perspectives 

In the last few years, toy companies around the world changed quite a lot in their style. Mostly, the firms broke stereotypes of a standard toy and made their products by adding different elements. The toys have evolved immensely as these companies realized that kids need to learn about all kinds of people. Now, toys are not restricted to a certain gender like for example dolls are for girls only. This tradition is due to the appearance of the doll being appealing to the only girl in general but now dolls are way cooler than before. 

Gender-neutral toys in the market 

The companies are introducing numerous gender-neutral toys to give proper exposure and knowledge to kids. Young minds need to be shaped correctly and make them understand how everyone is to be respected in society. Kids at this age learn quickly and get imprinted in their minds for several years. Hence now companies are making the right move, allowing kids to have an idea about various types of people around the world. 

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