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Orlando’s Authorities Visit the Cpac Event After the Crowd Refuses to Follow Covid-19 Guidelines of Wearing Masks and Could Donald Trump Make a Comeback?

Orlando's Authorities Visit Cpac

A Conservative Political Action Conference was held on Friday in Orlando but, due to the crowd not following Covid-19 guidelines Orlando authorities paid a visit to it. The conference was in Hyatt hotel and the attendees were being reminded of wearing masks. However, the crowd booed the MC which tried to advise the attendees to follow the guidelines of the restrictions. This incident currently has gone viral and the organizers of the event and Hyatt hotel is receiving hate from netizens on social media. There are several hashtags that say to cancel or boycott Hyatt hotel. Moreover, the Hyatt hotel defended the conference by stating that everyone should be aware of the political changes in the country.

Orlando's Authorities Visit Cpac

Bad crowd discipline in CPAC

The attendees that were in the conference were shunned online as they refused to wear masks during the meeting. Nevertheless, they did not follow the guidelines issued by Orange County’s Executive. These measures are highly critical as the new strain of the virus is more transmissible. Still, they did not agree to do so, and hence the authorities of Orlando had to intervene. Some members were even kicked out of the conference but the CPAC denied they were attendees of the meeting.

Right-wing supporters VS netizens

The Republican Party and Trump supporters are currently bashing officials that removed attendees from the CPAC conference. This incident has angered the Trump supporters, and they have argued that people did not wear a mask to interact with fans. However, the organizers of the meeting did not identify them as attendees. This caused netizens to troll the Trump supporters and Hyatt hotel on various social media platforms.

Donald Trump, to run for president in 2024?

Yes, it’s quite possible that Donald Trump could return as a presidential candidate again. However, this has not been confirmed yet but there is a huge probability that he may return. Trump also attended this conference and spoke on many aspects including his political career. It will certainly be difficult for Trump to make a comeback after the Capitol Hill riots and impeachment cases.

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