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New Zealand’s President Jacinda Notifies Citizens That Auckland Will Be Under a Week Lockdown After a New Covid-19 Case

Auckland Under a Week Lockdown

The Covid-19 mutant virus currently is spreading rapidly and the UK strain is known for its fast transmission. This strand has led to countries recording surging corona-positive cases again. Several countries around the world are suffering after they impose lockdown and strict restrictions. However, one of the best countries to be corona-free last year was New Zealand. President Jacinda Ardern had celebrated by dancing on national television after she announced that New Zealand has zero cases. This country certainly stood out with its great execution of guidelines to control the virus. Nevertheless, recently President Jacinda declared that one of the biggest cities, Auckland, will be under a 7-day lockdown.  

Auckland Under a Week Lockdown

Auckland To Be Under A Week Lockdown

The President of New Zealand notified the citizens that Auckland will undergo a week-long lockdown from Sunday in a recent conference. During mid-February, there was a three-member family in Auckland that tested positive for the mutant coronavirus. Immediately after this news release, the city was closed and put into a three-day lockdown. Nonetheless, the source of the virus has not been known yet but health authorities are trying to trace it. Currently, a community spread has been confirmed in the city hence the country decided to impose a lockdown. 

The Level Of Restrictions In The City

According to the local news outlets, the city will be having level 3 restrictions. This level will enable citizens to only leave their houses to buy essential things and important work only. Whereas the entire country will have level 2 restrictions under which public gatherings are constrained and strict. These steps are taken by the government after an unrelated corona case emerged. 

No Community Spread Link In A New Case

The health officials have investigated and found out that the new case has not emerged from the community spread of Auckland. This case also showed symptoms hence, it must be circulated to several others as well. As of now, a total of 12 people are being treated after getting infected with UK mutant coronavirus. The situation is under control for now and health authorities are searching for the origin of the new covid-19 case. 

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